Friday, June 19, 2015

Art Lesson: Skateboarding Rabbits

I've long admired the art of UK native, Ashley Percival.  His whimsical illustrations are so cheerful!

I thought his would be the perfect style to use as inspiration for a new drawing lesson with the children in my art class last week.

We used this illustration as our prototype:

Artist: Ashley Percival

To get the children going, I created a template for the sweater.

(I find children under the age of 12 tend to draw to a very small scale.  Having the sweater at a set size forced them to stick to the larger scale!)

I had each child trace the template onto funky printed paper, cut out the sweaters and glue them into the middle of a piece of white cardstock.

From this point, they had to draw on:

- a head
- ears
- a jaunty cap
- eyes
- rosy cheeks
- nose/whiskers/mouth
- paws
- skinny jeans
- shoes
- skateboard

This was my example.

I had the kids create their own hand-printed background as well.
This one belongs to a 7.5 year old student.

Thank you for the inspiration, Ashley!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Finds. Favorites. Flowering.

Some additions to the photo journal this week:

Our container garden is in full bloom

We painted the powder room the colour that had been keeping me
up with excitement...and of course finally hung the Grant Haffner
paintings I'd been obsessed with as of late

Big news in our world:  we are able to buy m√Ęche salad locally now.
Reminds me of summering in Switzerland...

One of Oliver's (aged 7.5) latest paintings.

I love a good crime drama in the summer months.  Been watching 'The Bridge', a Danish/Swedish venture.  Soooooo good!

Anyone have a good fictional crime author or tv series recommendation?  Ghost stories are up my alley too.  Please share in comments if you do!

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Woods in May

The forest we live next to is ever changing.

These are some recent images of the path along the woods:

The springtime scenery has inspired me.

This original abstract is my homage.

Waldrand - available here

Hope you are all able to enjoy a late-May walk out in nature too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When The Going Gets Tough...

...the tough start making their own colouring sheets!

On one rainy day not long ago, I got the idea to switch up our indoor activity bin (the littles were no longer enamored by the selection)  by drawing some quick new cat portraits for Charlotte and Oliver to colour, and printing off a few copies for their friends to start using when they popped 'round too.

by Oliver, aged 7.5

The current portrait gallery, chez nous.

The weather has greatly improved so the colouring continues,

I'd like for you to have these sheets for yourselves too; here, they are in high res, for you to copy and print as you will...ENJOY!

(Father's Day is just around the corner and Mother's Day has just passed...these might be cute printed onto card stock and turned into a lovely greeting for the day, don't you think?)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Perspectives. Pardanthopsis. Paintings.

Current faves and raves...

Am loving the work of Grant Haffner at the moment.

This iris (aka: pardanthopsis) bouquet is most definitely not
an apology from Mr. Hausfrau for coughing up a lung outside our
bedroom door while I was trying to sleep in.  Repeatedly.

The spring skies up on our hill.

This is a local band called 'The BC Trees'.  One of their members, Matt Houghland (far left), is a grade 4/5 teacher at Ollie's school and recently performed this at a tree planting ceremony on school grounds.  Inspired!

Pentatonix take on Daft Punk.

New up on our hill: the Trottier Observatory.  How lucky we are...just steps away from premier star gazing equipment!  Our perspective has just become that much greater...

What is spicing up your life these days?  Got new music, book, foodie or destination inspirations to share??

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dates, Downtown + Dorfmusik

Some highlights and discoveries:

Oliver (aged 7) has been busy drawing.  Here he depicts our rabbits.

Date night in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Thanks to Biercraft on the Drive for a great evening...and to my parents for watching our littles for us!

The Von Trapp Family was in Vancouver for a concert last week.  Really so surprisingly wicked!  Love this track and this one too.  Really - I was expecting these descendants to be rather more tacky than awesome...I love being proven wrong!

A post isn't a post until I've included a lovely shot of my hometown, Vancouver...

...and a shameless plug!  I just completed my eco-conscious Spring 2015 mono-print series of abstracts...only a few left in the shop!

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

David Suzuki: Hero, Inspiration, Hair God

Better late than never! I'm posting some pictures of a gallery reception meant to honor a local (national...a GLOBAL) legend, David Suzuki.  A group of about 40 artists (including moi, bien sur) represented his visage in their respective mediums.

I was interviewed as a participating artist too! (article here)

This was my submission - comparing Suzuki to Bond, the incomparable intellectual with integrity.

(and shamelessly, the red dot next to my name never loses it's thrill!)

All thanks go to the very special gallery owner, Chris Bentzen for hosting us all and letting us celebrate David with style and flare! 
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