Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Day Project: Card Making

Ya, ya...Vancouver gets a lot of rain...WE KNOW!

Our summers are lovely...grumble, grumble.

We do try to make the most of our indoor days.  Lately we've been trying to blend art projects for Ollie with card making. 

A little addition from me turned Oliver's doodle page into a handy sign to hold for a picture we took and stuck on cousin Gabriel's birthday card:

Then with a bag of buttons we bought for two bucks at Dressew, Oliver traced along a giant heart I cut out from newspaper, then gently lifted away (O continued a design inside the heart apres the cutout was lifted off...a nice effect, methinks).  The raspberry coloured tea towel we created this on added the perfect touch to what became a photo that we stuck on a St. Valentine's card for Nathan:

More ideas in this vein can be browsed here.

So pleased with these creations...makes rainy days fly by!

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