Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Sticks

Since we spend many hours staring out our window at the rain and our patio garden planters, I thought it might be fun to further beautify the planters with homemade garden sticks.

The process was simple:

1. engage Oliver in finding the perfect stick in the forests up here at Burnaby Mountain which we did on one of our evening walks as a family. 

2. paint the sticks.

3. tie whatever ribbons and shiny bits we had lying around to the top of the painted stick.

4. plant the stick in a planter! 

I like the finished effect...there's no method to the madness...any shape/ height stick, any colour paint, any ribbon/ shiny bits placement.  Free-form projects like this are the only ones I undertake with three-and-a-half-year-old Oliver; there's no telling him what the finished product should look like... or it's not art, after all!  This is why I always make my own of whatever we're making alongside! 

Oliver loved expressing himself by making one of these.  It might be our best project to date.

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