Friday, July 15, 2011

Bacon Fishing with Uncle Muffin

We've had some fish related encounters and near-encounters in the last month.

Oliver and Mr. Hausfrau Looking for Coy

We've been regulars at the AQ reflecting pond, a 10 minute walk from our home, looking for and feeding the orange fish.  Oliver crumbles his corn cracker into the water and says "here fishies, your farmer is here!".

Oliver has been inspired to go fishing ever since we happened upon a father/son fishing day at Rice Lake on father's day.  We had no rod, nor did we plan on going fishing with a borrowed rod and he was MAD ABOUT THAT for the rest of the day and quite a few days after.

Then Uncle Muffin suggested we go bacon-fishing on Bowen Island during a recent visit.   I'm not entirely sure how or if bacon-fishing fits into the cycle of life and the nature of things, but that's clearly irrelevant.

Going Bacon-Fishing
 I think Oliver will be surprised to learn that fishing is consistently far less involved than he thinks it is, I already know...

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