Friday, October 28, 2011

Local. Proper. Canadian. Wine.

Some random discoveries and bits:


Heard a new band today...East Vancouver boys, the Boom Booms:


A friend (who is also a known oenophile) came over for dinner not too long ago and brought a nice bottle of Cline wine from a recent trip to the States.  We served the Cline with dinner that very night.  This q & a from Martha Stewart (November 2011) made me glad we did!

(From an article entitled See, Sort, Savour: Here's how to get organized and start pouring when guests bring a jumble of bottles to Thanksgiving dinner.)

" Truly Special Reds

These typically arrive with a story attached and should be accorded an extra measure of reverence.  As a courtesy, open them (and taste them in the kitchen to make sure they fit in and to find out what the fuss is about), and then place them on a silver wine coaster within arm's length of the donor."


Leah McLaren made me laugh when she wrote about Kate Middleton in a recent Chatelaine:

" Like Kate herself, Canada is young, clean-cut, uncontroversial, solvent and staunchly middle-class.  A bit of a goody two-shoes, perhaps, but we make up for it with upbeat small talk and unfailing good manners"



Then to celebrate the same oenophile friend who brought the Cline, we went to Chambar in downtown Vancouver on her 40th birthday.  There, we discovered a new wine.  It's my new favorite...

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