Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Euro-Vase

I've now made various colours and sizes of these vases for Christmas gifts:

I got the idea to crochet little "jackets" to wrap around empty baby jars from my current fave euro magazine:

It was ludicrously simple.  I'm a very basic crocheter; my basic stitch turned some wool (scraps that I combined to make faster work with a larger crochet hook) into a rectangle to wrap around the jar.  I did a rectangle in about a half hour.   When it wrapped around the jar tightly, I transformed the rectangle into a tube by sewing the ends together.  I could have pulled the little sweater onto the glass at that point but noooo....I finished off the top by crocheting on a border (thanks for the tip, mom!) and leaving the ends long to tie them in a decorative bow.

Are you a basic crocheter and need a slew of last minute presents?  This might be a little project for you!

p.s.  this also marks Charlotte's graduation from the jarred pear sauce to actual pears... 


  1. Cute project! TFS

  2. I actually want to learn how to crochet and this looks super fun to do. I have some plants that could use a sweater. :)

    Marilyn (visiting from EBT)

  3. What a great idea. Such a pretty and soft look.

  4. How lovely! And these days there are so many beautiful and interesting yarns available. Great idea! (And thanks for visiting my blog:-)


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