Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stadt Musikanten

During these inbetween days, I've been making and listening.

Stadt/ City:

Pen Drawing/ Paper Collage

 Musikanten/ Musicians:

This has been my favorite song during 2011.  Wonder what will trump it in 2012?!

Anybody else willing to share their absolute favorite song of the year?


  1. Hi Melissa - in 2011 I got really into My Morning Jacket and was even lucky enough to go to a concert. My 2011 song of the year pick is from one of their older albums "It Still Moves" and the song is "I Will Sing You Songs". I also really like the new Wilco album, maybe their best since "A Ghost Is Born". I tend to listen to whole albums in order rather than one song at a time. Cheers!

  2. I just had to stop in and say that I had never heard of until you left it on a post at Pink of Perfection.
    Now I am addicted. :)

  3. Melissa, nice collage and drawing. Is there a name for such kind of art. I would like to try it out...

  4. CT: Thanks for introducing me to MMJ! I wrong to put them in a category with Canadians Arcade Fire and Woodpigeon? Very rich sound...

    Lana: Spoonflower is CRAZY great. I have plans to turn my four year old's art into a silk pillow using spoonflower...

    Lakshmi: Hm...maybe "mixed media collage"? I just doodle and use up paper bits to prove to Mr. Hausfrau that I DO use my stuff...

  5. Love the pen drawing and paper collage!

  6. Yes! Looove that song! Definitely one of my favorite during 2011.

  7. I will definitely listen to your recommendation! I currently in love with Bob Marley's. Haven't been this obsessed with his songs this much!

    Loving your amazing paper drawing and collage!

  8. Love the paper collage! I've always been a fan of mixed media.


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