Monday, January 23, 2012

Start with Hearts

These days I have been tending to my feverish family and wondering why oh why is Mary not telling Matthew that she loves him?!

I fiddled with a project that I could easily put down between soup-making and tylenol-administering.

I've loved this project, featured on the Purl Bee, since they posted it.  I tweaked it only slightly to suit me:  I used a really small hole punch so that you couldn't see the holes once I'd crocheted through them.  I also drew a heart template to custom fit the random envelopes I had in my stationary drawer.  The pink yarn I had left after finishing the starfish blanket for Charlotte got put to good use in this project!  My favorite white gel-pen will be perfect for writing love-messages inside the bright cardstock I used.

I'll tell you though: only really special people are getting these...they were a fair bit of work per card!


  1. Oh my! It seems that I was the only one that missed the First Season of Downton Abbey! I had been trying to rent it (not available yet) and on-line, they only have the complete chapters of Season 2. I guess I would have to wait :(
    Beautiful cards Melissa! Congratulations!

  2. These cards are such cuteness! Love that you are fitting them to random envelopes!

    Down town abbey looks wonderful, I will have to check it out.

    I hope your family is better quickly!!

  3. I am greatful for my wife who handles the tylenol administration... keep fighting, the illness will all pass.

    Thanks for being a part of the EBT


  4. What a great idea! The cards look so cute now.

  5. Oh that is such a cute idea! Love them! ;)

  6. Love the cards!!! I may have to make some :)

  7. These are simply adorable! Love it!

  8. Downton Abbey on again tonight! (Daniella - got season one at our local library...was on a waiting list forever but it was worth it...).

    All have recoverred chez moi. At least, I can no longer blame the whining and the taking me for granted on high temperatures.

    Thanks to all you lovelies for your sweet feedback on the Purl Bee cards!

  9. lovely cards.

    A Downton fan, eh? don't you just love the clothes they wear? Sigh.


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