Monday, February 27, 2012

New-Parent Pasta

Both times when we brought our new babies home, friends, neighbors and family came by with food for the freezer.  We got lasagne, soups, stews, enchiladas, soft spice cookies, humous - all for the freezer or ready to heat and serve.  These were the perfect gifts and we were so grateful!  Even in our sleep deprivation we managed to heat and serve without incident...

So when friends and family bring home a new baby, I like to bring over something simple too!  This week, I made a huge batch of pasta sauce for friends with a new bundle (and some extra for us too).

The secret ingredients in my favorite recipe are the fennel seeds and (don't kill me)...the sugar!  (Instead of making meatballs as the recipe instructs, I just brown beef + pork, then make the sauce.)

Do you have a dish you rely on for such occassions or have a memorable one that you were given?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Fennel in pasta sauce; that's an interesting addition. My husband loves fennel. I should try that next time. Homemade soup is another good gift for new baby families or grieving families.

  2. I agree... a nice homemade soup or pasta sauce are usually my choice. And I think some baked cookies are another nice gift.

  3. i just posted a couple of my favourite recipes on todays blog.
    these would be great as gifts to friends in need of a ready made meal.

    that pasta sauce looks great by the way :)

  4. Oh, that looks so yummy, and I'm sure it would be well-received by the new family.
    My go-to dish to share is potato's a family favourite in my part of England...served with a piecrust and pickled red cabbage....puts hairs on your chest, or so my Dad used to say, heehee.
    You left such a sweet comment on my blog....thank you so much, and please drop by again!

  5. Lasagna, the one dish I actually know how to make with regular success. And cookies. Everyone needs a sweet treat when they are breast feeding their new born at 2 in the morning!


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