Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby's Clothes Make a Quilt

Oh how quickly our little Charlotte has grown!

I'm really intending to make a small quilt out of some of my favorite pieces of clothing from her first year.  But somehow, I can't bear to cut into them quite yet!

Whilst in the throes of this angst, I came up with a way to make a "quilt" without all the quilting work.

First, I collected 12 pieces of clothing that reminded me of the early days...sweet patterns that suit her so...

Then, I took a digital closeup of the pattern on each.  In my photo editor, I drew tiny dotted lines in squiggly patterns overtop of the images, to immitate the texture of stitching:

Once I arranged all 12, I then had the "quilt" printed by our local photofinisher, framed it in a simple frame, and hung it in a bright corner of little Charlotte's room.

Somehow I'm pleased with this photo project inspired by a much more intricate, textile art!


  1. What a great idea! It would be hard to cut up clothes that hold so many memories. What a creative solution!

  2. Oh so beautiful! What i great idea, I really must learn to use my photo editor. I am so inept at using it as a tool.
    Thank you for your visit yesterday. The sunny picture was actually taken by my 98 yr old daughter after weeks of rainy chilly weather.
    Hope you have blue and sunny skies this weekend!

  3. That is AMAZING! You're so creative!
    I love the owl and polkadot fabrics :)
    I would have a hard time cutting into them as well!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Mom's Daily Zen to enter out Superhero Costume Giveaway!

    I feel the same about making a quilt from my daughter's outfits. I just can't bear to cut them up, and she's 4 now! I LOVE this idea of creating digital art, and I think I will definitely be doing this very, very soon!

    Wonderfully creative inspiration!


  5. Great idea and super cute! Love how it looks framed on the wall!

  6. What a graet idea. It looks wonderful.

  7. What a cute idea! I am a newbie quilter in training...this kind of quilting would be far easier for me!

  8. That's a great idea! Very clever and it allows you to remember the sweet little outfits without having to cut them up. The result is lovely!

  9. What a good idea!! Something to keep in mind :)


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