Thursday, June 7, 2012

Millions of Peaches


It's been a good week. 

The soundtrack is keeping me on the up and up.  (the Telegraph on DTR : "A preponderance of religious imagery suggests a lapsed Catholic, still struggling with burdens of guilt and doubt".  HA!)

Then, my doodles with shapes, designs and colour led to the peaches creation (above).  Hm.  Mr. Hausfrau said it hearkened the '70's for him.  Don't know where to go with that.

What else?  Oh, a friend brought a beautiful BC red with her which we shared over some nice takeaway sushi.

See?  A good week!


  1. Oh I love these peaches! are they in your ETZY store?
    I agree with your mister Hausfrau the remind me of the 70's. Being borne in 69 they totally resonate with my warm and fuzzy childhood memories of the graphics on tv and in books!
    Also I wanted to share this with you:
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love the peaches in an array of colors!

  3. wow! super vibrant colors! love it!


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