Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer 2012

My summer has been lovely so far...these highlights make the top 5 (starting top left, clockwise):

...geraniums thriving in our container garden...the "it" book d'ete enjoyed with a long-sought-after treat from a local bakery (romantic mr. hausfrau surprised me with it!)...our herb box in the lane...THE soundtrack chez moi (good enough for Christian Dior at Fashion Week?...good enough for me!)...the provencal lavender we are cultivating along the path in the lane...

These little things make me happy to be homesteading here in the woods this summer!


  1. All of your flowers and herbs are so pretty :)

  2. The photos are lovely, thank you. I like your geraniums; sadly, I do not have green fingers and plants do not last in my house. So I stopped buying them and prefer looking at someone else's flowers instead. And your lavender... we used to grow lavender when we lived in Crimea: I remember the fragrance. Now I only have lavender oil.

  3. That's a lovely picture of your teacup with the macaroon!

  4. Such pretty pictures. And oh my gosh, I didn't notice your little toes in the picture at first. Big geranium!

  5. I love the photos of your container garden and herb box. That's on my list to do when we move and finally have a bit of outdoor space all our own. :)

  6. Great pics! The other day I was very tempted to buy this book (Rules of Civility...) How is it? Did you like it?

  7. Love the pictures!
    Does your lavender survive from year to year?
    Thanks for visiting the other day.


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