Tuesday, October 23, 2012

German Farmer's Lunch

I'm out of the closet with my German food obsession.

Evidence here, here and most recently here!

So when the Hausfrau family is at a farmers market and there's an award-winning Mennonite sausage for sale, we are for sure buying some.

Ergo,  my new breakfast of champions! 


sliced cured + smoked sausage of choice
sliced scallions...as many as you like

First, fry the sausages + scallions with a quick spash of olive oil until you see light brown and crispy loveliness.  Swirl in and scramble as many eggs as you are hungry for.  Easy on the salt (enough in the sausage!) but pepper to taste.

PS: extra good with 1516 lager!

I promise to ease up on the bavarian gastronomic posts...it's feeling a little rich...even to me...


  1. I. Am. Drooling.

    I, too, love German food, and it's a shame that more people don't!

  2. Ah keep them coming! There are some good ones. I would not mind a bit of a good apfel strudel right now!
    Thanks for your visit the other day- the candles are burning bright at my kitchen counter as I type!


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