Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter, Stockholm Style

Turns out the theme of my December is a distinctly Swedish one.  Nothin' wrong with that!

Got It:

Meet our new dining room chair set!   We are in good company, loving this design-y seat...

Feel It:

I miss my sister extra lots when I stream this sister duo.  Beautiful and haunting. 
My no. 1 soundtrack for gift wrapping once the kids have gone to bed.  Listen here.

Make It:

Wanna make your own IKEA meatball dinner?  I tried this recipe this week...totally amazing...don't leave out the steak sauce or the vermouth!

Scandinavian Meatballs in Mushroom Sauce


1 1/2 lb ground beef
1/3 cup minced onion
1/4 cup dry breadcrumbs
1 large egg
1 clove garlic, minced
4 shakes Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tsp fine salt
1 tsp ground black pepper


2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup diced onion
1 lb button mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups low-sodium beef or chicken stock
3 Tbsp bottled steak sauce
3 shakes Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp dry vermouth
               coarse salt and ground pepper

For meatballs, combine ground beef with remaining ingredients  Scoop or shape small meatballs, about 1/2 inch (1cm) across and chill until ready to cook.

For mushroom sauce, heat 1 Tbsp of oil in a large saue pan on medium-high heat.  Sear meatballs to brown on all sides, but not cooked completely.  Remove from pan and reserve.  Reduce heat to medium and add remaining oil.  Add onion and saute until translucent, about 5 minutes.  Add mushrooms and saute until tender and any excess liquid has evaporated.  Add garlic and flour and stir to coat mushrooms, cooking for 2 minutes.  Pour in about 1/2 cup of stock, stirring constantly, until it has been absorbed by the flour.  Switch to a whisk and whisk in remaining broth.  Stir in steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce and vermouth and bring up to a simmer.  Add meatballs and cover, letting simmer until meatballs are cooked through, about 10 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper and serve.

Serves 4

From Anna & Michael Olson Cook at Home



  1. Lovely blog! I would like to try the recipe for the meatballs.

    I am a follower from Etsy. Please feel free to visit and follow my blog as well:

    Thank you,

    Ali :)

  2. Melissa, I love how you structured this post! I haven't been to Ikea in ages, although I could really use another couple of those white boxes ;-)
    The chair is lovely and thanks for sharing the famous Köttbullar recipe :)

  3. Yum...those meatballs sound delicious!

  4. Yum, thank you so much for sharing your recipe for the meatballs, they sound so good!

  5. I really enjoyed the singers. Had not heard of them. They are very good.

  6. thank you for sharing! visiting you from the etsy blog team :) great blog!


  7. We need dining room chairs and we looked at these same chairs at IKEA! We haven't decided yet, but I sure do think they're cute! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Merry Christmas dear Melissa! All the best for you and your love ones!

  9. Those chairs are adorable! We looked at IKEA for our chairs too, and while we ended up going with something else, I always love what they have.

  10. I came over here because of the comment you left on Pink of Perfections post about Newtown. It was so lovely and made me realize that despite always knowing it deep down, the tragedy didn't just shake the US, but it shook the entire world. Parents everywhere are noticing and reveling in all the small things we should be thankful for each day. Then I saw you posted something by First Aid Kit and I LOVE THEM and had to comment on that, too. :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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  12. Oh my goodness I love those meatballs.


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