Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Things Cannot Wait 'till 40

You know that friend who lives within walking distance and has two kids that play well with your two kids?  The one who comes with wetwipes, fruitbars and a chilled Pinot Gris in her backpack?  Well my version of her came by yesterday (with all the aforementioned supplies and offspring) for a pre-dinner playdate.

We caught up over lime chips and fermented grapes, summarizing our respective Christmases, nearly bragging (we caught ourselves just before the full-on gloating began)  that we'd finally chilled out, rather than stressed our way through December.  (I personally achieved this alongside many others by placing one foot in front of another).

WIBF (wine-in-backpack-friend) updated me on her fantastic 40th birthday bash plans, coming up this year.  

As my WIBF and her littles were putting on shoes to leave, she mentioned how happy she was that she was not having to make dinner when she got home, thanks to a big pot of chiles relleno her mother-in-law had made her.  For my fortieth, I told her, a batch of chiles rellenos would be marvelous.  Put the order in now.

Lo and behold, I got a text message around dinner time: "check your back door".

WIBF had left me a neatly packaged "dinner for one".

This 2013, I sincerely hope you all find yourselves a WIBF within walking distance, if you don't already have one!


  1. Lovely! I shall put out a FB ad for a WIBF as soon as i have pushed publish!
    Happy new year to you - the sun has "turned" and the days are getting longer!

  2. That is the sweetest gesture of your WIBF (love that, btw haha)
    I could use such a friend here ;-)
    have a terrific weekend,

  3. Great story! Wish you a great time in 2013!

  4. There are so many things I love about this post! WIBF? I need one! Mine stops my frequently but seems to forget the alcohol, so this will have to be rectified! LOL! Also, chiles relleno are my favorite, favorite, favorite food on earth. Gooey, cheesy, fried, spicy heaven.

  5. Love your post! great story! Unfortunately my WIBF leaves very far away and I do miss her a lot! You're really lucky! Have a wonderful 2013 dear Melissa!

  6. Wish you all lived could definitely count on me to be a WIFB then!


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