Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artist In Profile: Fritz Koch-Gotha

As in previous years, I'm crafting a homemade 'zine to tuck into my childrens' Easter nests this Sunday!

This year, they will feature mini-prints of these richly coloured and very funny illustrations by Fritz Koch-Gotha.  I have carefully scanned and touched up the colours to share the illustrations with you here.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

"Easter Egg Painting Class"...the girl rabbit in the centre
having a meltdown because she's broken her egg is so funny!

"Off to School"...the brother bunny blowing his nose on a
cabbage leaf ...KG's imagination is vivid...

"In the Classroom"

"Class in Prayer"

"Musical Interlude"
"A Family Dinner".  Father Rabbit seems to be an
Army General...HA!

Which of these is your favorite?

I can't quite decide...


  1. Melissa, these are ALL great! I think I love the "off to school" the most :)
    Your kids will love it!

  2. These are cute :) Love the first one with the broken!

  3. Love these illustrations! All of them!... but perhaps my favorites are "Off to school" and "Musical Interlude". Your kids are going to love them for sure... What a great idea Melissa!

  4. Perfect. These are so cute. Reminds me of Peter Cottontail.

  5. Hahhaha, that cabbage leaf. This is a fantastic idea! I bet your kids will love them.

  6. Oh, they are so cute, remind of Beatrix Potter's illustrations and characters! I am loving the "Off to school" illustration! Lucky kids you have :)

  7. I also like the "off to school" the best! - BTW I LOVE your new banner!

    1. Oh Krisha you always have such nice things to say! I had fun doodling with my turned into my new banner, believe it or not!

      I happen to know that you probably did not "do" Easter, but I hope you are seeing much evidence of spring in your parts! Things are definitely sprouting and growing here!

    2. We are seeing sun but very little sprouting, but for what I have on my kitchen bench so far. But soon there will be. It happen so fast here when the season finally does turn. Thanks for the MFM comment - I think life is simply better with cheese!

  8. You are so clever! I love that you pulled something crafty into the easter ritual (not just candy hunting).


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