Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summering on the West Coast

1.  Soundtrack of the summer.  Good Canadian girls...I run to their newest album, make sushi with it in the background...hoping to see them live at an openair concert to end our summer on a high note...

2. Am on the fence about presenting this cocktail to actual guests...1 finger Rose's Lime Cordial, topped up with a mediocre beer...I love it!!

3. My official summer barbecue side dish:  Green Onion Biscuits.  Don't forget plenty of sweet butter on top.

4. ***side note*** I cannot believe how much our children have grown since last summer!!

5.  Enjoying our potted garden.  This year, we're cultivating trailing verbena (both peach and plum coloured varieties), a pretty yellow mecardonia hybrid, fuchsia, trailing rosemary, and dainty purple alyssum.  I especially love the one yellow nasturtium that centers the collection: the seed was planted in my honour by our Oliver in Kindergarten as a mother's day present in May.    (Also, am unreasonably enamored with my new summer sandals, making a small appearance in this photo.)

(Last summer's faves)

Anyone else making new discoveries this summer?  Cocktails?  Plants?  Music? Food?


  1. Looks like a good summer.
    I'm really into apple flavored beers this summer. Redds is my favorite and Angry Orchard and Micholob Ultra's apple beer are good too :)

  2. Green onion biscuits sound delicious!

  3. Sounds like a fab summer, Melissa!
    Those sandals look great :)

  4. Reading your post makes me long for our Aussie summer to return. My own children seem to be growing up so quickly, too quickly!

  5. Looks like you are having a good summer. I hope it will last a long time, cause I am not ready for winter! I have some roses lime in the cupboard and I will try mixing it up with beer (I have some of that as well. For guests, I don't like plain beer. But I can imagine this tastes good, cause I do like fruit beer). And those biscuit look delicious.

  6. #2 sounds good! yay for summer! it's certainly feeling like it here-- 100 degrees today!

  7. Ha, my main discovery this summer is that I'm a terrible gardener. Those green onion biscuits sounds amazing! Enjoy the warm weather!

  8. Some great summer picks, green onion biscuits sounds interesting, never come across those before! xx


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