Monday, September 16, 2013

Confessions: Part I

Summer is my least favorite of all the seasons.

Yesterday after dinner we went for a walk across the university campus we live next to.

The confirmation of autumn increased my serotonin levels, a yearly occurrence not many people can relate to.  Luckily, Mr. Hausfrau feels the same as I, and we revel in the colder, wetter weather together.

I was so filled with relief that the hot days are over,  that I went straight to the art room after the walk.

'Two Milks, One Sugar'

'Pinching Myself'


Hoping you are welcoming the change of season as we are!  We are looking forward to witnessing our natural world's amazing transformation...


  1. I'm a little sad to see summer go, but not the super hot days. Unfortunately we went from 90s to 60s and rainy overnight...yuk! I'll take some nice 75 degree days for a while first :)
    Love your "Unexpected" painting!

  2. I'm with you! I feel invigorated and a little relieved when fall gets here! You've been productive!

  3. Summer is definitely the most annoying season, for sure. I'd rather be cozy and wearing layers than wandering around on some grossly humid day, sweating as soon as I get out of my car. Fall and Spring are my favorites, and even winter is nice because I think snow is pretty. But summer. Meh.

  4. I'm quite sure I responded to this post, but maybe it's some sort of deja vu! I don't like the cold months, they seem to last forever, while spring and summer goes by so fast!

    1. Oh, forgot one thing, how do you come up with the titles for your work?

    2. Yes, we live in similar climates, I think...our winters and springs sort of blend into one another here and do last and awfully long time. And there are some aspects of summer I can't do without; flowers blooming, for example.

      Titles: while I'm painting pieces, I think of "a few of my favorite things", and go from there. Creating is therapy for me; it eases anxiety.

      In the case of the paintings I've got in this post, I was thinking of my morning coffee (two milks, one sugar), my two healthy children (pinching myself), and of the beautiful little beetle that crossed our path when we walked across campus (unexpected), respectively.

      Thanks for wondering...I'm always curious about titles too!

  5. lovely painting!...well here in Singapore the weather is kind of summery whole we can't escape!...but the sea breeze equals it all!

  6. Oh I love the art! I can really relate to your happiness; strangely, autumn is my favorite time of year even though I really suffer during the arctic winter night...
    Autumn is new beginnings and high clear skies. - this year I may be having a little to much new things going on.... we are moving house....
    I really find your observation of the creative process and anxiety interesting!

    1. Yes it's funny the dichotomous feelings we have for the darker seasons! I can't say I'm not glad to see the first crocus in spring, but I somehow feel at my best when it's cooler, and can put up with the darkness.

      And the anxiety relief trick is one I learned shortly after our Oliver was born. Essentially it is the "fake it till you feel it" relief method...even the most minute positive things in a day can transform your mood if they are spelled out and added as a sum. I like to list them. Did I mention I'm a list lover? :)

    2. Fake it until you feel it! I love that!
      I do love a good list or two myself actually. At work they make fun of my note book at ward meetings. My book is basically a continuos to do list with a few doodles and phone numbers jotted down here and there !
      Most of all I like to tick stuff off list!

  7. I love those paintings, must check out your blog for more. And is that university the one that has been in all the movies??


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