Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adding Some New to the Old

A few weeks ago I realized something:  every evening before I go to bed, I have the exact same routine. After I put on my pajamas, I head into the bathroom.  I pull my hair into a pony tail  using the hair elastic I've left in it's spot from the night before.  I then brush my teeth.  Washing my face comes after that.  I take out my earrings and place them in the dish with the other earrings, from which I will choose a new pair tomorrow.  Pony tail elastic out, place it back in the right hand corner of the bathroom counter.  I sneak down the hall to check both of our children: first our daughter, then our son.  Back to our room, under the covers, apply the lip balm I keep on my sidetable always.  Lights out.

Routines are good and comforting.  Discovering new things is good too and after realizing my nighttime habits, I determinedly set out this past week to watch, read, eat, admire and make some new things!

I read a paper I don't usually read.

I watched not one but two wonderful (I highly recommend them!) documentaries.

We ordered a take-out dinner from my chef friend and neighbor, who offers a few of us a meal-making service.

Charlotte created a new piece of art at her Thursday class for us to admire at home.

I had a brainstorm one night and got busy trying something new at the art desk:  painting on fabric!

I've already turned these originals into special somethings...more on that soon!

Aren't daily rituals and habits funny?  What are some things you catch yourself doing without noticing it?  Maybe you get dressed in a particular order?  Cook and serve a favorite meal?  Drive somewhere?  Funny!


  1. I wish I had a friend who's a chef! The food looks incredibly good. I'll check the documentaries this evening, now it's time to get some work done :-)

  2. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a set of habits! But, like you, I certainly have a routine. When I get up, I always feed the cast and have two cups of coffee, while checking my favorite websites in a certain specific order. The I write in my journal. Only then can I move on to the rest of the day!

  3. I'm a very routined girl. They help me stay on task and be efficient. But like you said, it's nice to try new things now and then. In fact, I love trying new things in my studio :) Can't wait to see what you created with that fabric!

  4. I have a lot of routines in my day, too. The morning are especially hilarious, because if I can't do things this exact way I get so cranky: After I drop my husband off at the train station, I publish my blog post, then go make breakfast, then bring my food back to the kitchen table and eat while I read. And then I go get ready for the day.

  5. It didn't realise it until lately but it appears I love having a routine. When I lived in London I definitely had quite a few habits. Then I moved to Italy with my husband and of course that all changed and I found it so hard not to have the familiarity of those routines anymore. I think it's good to change things around a bit every so often otherwise you risk getting stuck in a rut!

  6. As much as there is comfort in the familiar, there can be great excitement in discovering new things! I sound like such a philosopher don't I?

  7. I am a creature of habit too, and I read that occasionally switching your routines strengthens your brain. Some things I can't see myself breaking though, they've become too regular!

  8. Interesting article :)
    We are routine-less these days, and it is a very insecure feeling. I miss our daily rituals and habits. They will return soon I hope.

  9. LOVE Charlotte's tree. kid art ROCKS!


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