Monday, January 20, 2014


This week has started to a pleasing tune.

I'm going to spend the week on my usual activities: cooking, cleaning, painting.  I feel lucky!

Some lovely, new-to-me inspirations:

I'm obsessed with Phoebe Wahl's art.  She tells such compelling stories in her illustrations.

Jamie Oliver's a fan...Paloma Faith has been getting some airtime around here too.

One morning a few days ago, I stepped outside into this.  Lucky...I feel lucky to live where I do, and do what I do!

What is reminding you that life is wonderful this week?


  1. Love that third photo! Maybe if mornings looks like this over here too, I wouldn't mind waking up early ;-)

  2. Great photos. And a beautiful morning!

  3. I like that first illustration, too! It's fun to see what each character is doing.

  4. Oh! I like that painting too!

  5. Melissa, LOVE that painting, I'll be off to explore her other artwork. utterly charming and as you said, she really tells a story. love the dog getting fed under the table. what a pretty sunrise!!!
    I'm feeling lucky this week because it's cold cold cold and I have a roof over my head and the woodstove blazing. many aren't so lucky. have a great day!

  6. I wish I can post all my photos in the blog... but I feel like it will kills the blogspot of! Your painting is so sweet and have a great message! Thank you for visiting my blog Melissa!

  7. That last shot is so pretty! :)

  8. I really like the painting, so much to see. And the dog must be very happy to receive a treat.


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