Sunday, April 26, 2015

Perspectives. Pardanthopsis. Paintings.

Current faves and raves...

Am loving the work of Grant Haffner at the moment.

This iris (aka: pardanthopsis) bouquet is most definitely not
an apology from Mr. Hausfrau for coughing up a lung outside our
bedroom door while I was trying to sleep in.  Repeatedly.

The spring skies up on our hill.

This is a local band called 'The BC Trees'.  One of their members, Matt Houghland (far left), is a grade 4/5 teacher at Ollie's school and recently performed this at a tree planting ceremony on school grounds.  Inspired!

Pentatonix take on Daft Punk.

New up on our hill: the Trottier Observatory.  How lucky we are...just steps away from premier star gazing equipment!  Our perspective has just become that much greater...

What is spicing up your life these days?  Got new music, book, foodie or destination inspirations to share??


  1. I love the artwork! Cool teacher and pretty iris :)
    These days I'm inspired by many beautiful flowers everywhere!

  2. That painting is really lovely and unique!
    Spring is really a great season! We are looking forward to the Tulip festival at the Gardens this week!
    Lovely pictures:)

  3. Oh wow, that art piece at the top is stunning! I'll have to show that to my husband; he'd love it.

    Tulips are blooming over here, so those have been putting a little pep in my step lately. :-)

  4. i love that artwork too and the pentatonix. Lately I've been inspired by Scandi designs.

  5. I went to Grant Haffner's site. Love it! I love the bold colors and the bold art in general.

  6. Grant's work looks interesting.. thanks for sharing

  7. Flowers seem to be the inspiration of the day! I just finished planting some lovely upright fuchsia (so hard to find them here...hanging fuchsia seem to be much more popular) today and am loving them too. Have ordered my Grant Haffner prints, ready to hang in their new space here!


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