Friday, May 29, 2015

The Woods in May

The forest we live next to is ever changing.

These are some recent images of the path along the woods:

The springtime scenery has inspired me.

This original abstract is my homage.

Waldrand - available here

Hope you are all able to enjoy a late-May walk out in nature too!


  1. Wow, such beautiful photographs! I love your work too. I love going out and being inspired by everything around me in nature. :) x

  2. Love the light in those photo's, it looks magical! I love how everything blooms in spring :-)

  3. I agree with Marieken! You've captured the magic of the forest!
    Stunning abstract with a great title :)

  4. What a beautiful forest and you captured it perfectly in your painting!

  5. Beautiful painting! And... salmonberries!!!!!!!!!

  6. The abstract is beautiful! I used to love exploring the woods, I've made a point to get back to it more often this years. The colors you chose capture the light/blooms in spring just right.

  7. I like your painting and those photos from your inspiration are glorious!!! Happy Sunday my friend!


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