Sunday, February 28, 2016


This a has been a lovely month.

One full of  joyful times with family and also creative moments, as always.

We beachcombed locally, just the four of us.

I led my class (these students are 10 years old!) at the studios by the river, in painting a local icon, the Samson V.  

Here are some results:

I just discovered Lily & Madeleine...their harmonies have been my soundtrack this month.

Lily & Madeleine

At Oliver's hilltop elementary school, I spotted this lovely group project in the hallway between two classes, symbolizing student and teachers' desire to work with and respect one another.  I can see ribbons with names on them, likely woven into the mix by each individual.  Lovely both in form and function!


  1. Lovely pictures! and lovely art! The ribbon project is wonderful!

  2. Wonderful! I love the pebble photo! That ribbon art project is amazing!
    Have a great week :)

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the marine theme, beach theme, pebbles ...

  4. Beautiful Melissa!
    Lovely pics!:) Have a lovely day!

  5. that is lovely..
    the hidden artistic talents of children

  6. Your local beach is beautiful, I love the mountains in the background.

  7. I'll be checking out that soundtrack of yours, I always love your musical findings. And students making a project together, instead of seperately is an idea I love.

  8. Beachcombing sounds like fun, even on a chilly day. And I love the ribbon piece and what it symbolizes!

  9. The ribbon work is gorgeous, as is the beach near you :) We have no mountains here in Florida, I kind of miss them.


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