Friday, May 6, 2016

Lovely Days

Some snapshots of recent adventures!

We recently had a chance to get away from town to discover a sweet coastal community, Sechelt.

We could hardly believe this beautiful playground we discovered overlooking the ocean:

One sunny Sunday, we roamed around Main Street in Vancouver, were I got lots of new ideas and inspirations for art lessons.

This picture we took of Oliver and Charlotte on the walk astonished me...they are growing so quickly!

Teachers in BC recently took some time out of the classroom to learn a new curriculum.

The Parks Board in our town arranged for various camps to keep the children busy that day.

Oliver and his oldest friend (they have known each other since their birth!) Hudson, canoed the local lake.

Being a stay at home mom (mainly) has its perks;  the local library pulls out their bins of lego on rainy days...we spent more than half a day there recently, building little magical worlds and special memories:

I had the privilege of being invited as guest art instructor at the Rhododendron Festival at the Lake last Sunday.  There must have been a hundred people who tried their best to draw a bee with the graphite pencils we had on hand...I managed to get some photos!

Hope you have all been well too!

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