Thursday, June 16, 2016

Project: Clay Mexican Folk Art for Kids

We wrapped up the school year in the art room with this fun colourful clay project!


Air-dry clay (white is best)
1 drinking straw
Multi-coloured Sharpie markers
Acrylic finishing medium in high gloss
Paint brushes

(this project was completed in two parts on two different days to allow for drying time)

I handed out small amounts of the clay and the students (varying in ages of 5 - 8) flattened the mound with the palms of their hands, forming a circle.  With a sharp pencil, they drew a circle with a centimeter margin on their clay.  Then with scissors, snipped sun rays.  The kids then made imprint marks for eyes, nose and mouth, again with a sharp pencil.  Smoothing everything out with fingers dipped in water was the last step on day one of this project.  When they were layed down for drying, I pushed a drinking straw through the top of each, so that the suns could be hung with string as ornaments.

I left them to dry on the racks in the studio for a full week.

On the second day of this project, the kids were encouraged to use as many colours as possible.  We applied a thin coat of high gloss finishing medium and then they were ready!

These were some of my favorites:

The perfect project to welcome the start of the summer with!


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  2. I adore the texture and personality of these! I'll share this with my art teacher pal :)


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