Friday, November 11, 2016

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada.

We go to a local ceremony to remember the sacrifices made for the country we love.

Every year, Oliver and Charlotte seem to get more out of the event than they did the year before.

Walking back to the car afterwards, we paused to admire the historical neighborhood as well.

Oliver and Charlotte, watching the regiments pass by.

This was an intriguing abandoned house.  We all agreed, haunted, for sure!

A mossy late-autumn tree.

A lovely jumble in this garden.

Many houses in the neighborhood shared in the character of this home.

Hoping everyone else had a chance to pay their respects on this important day!


  1. Wonderful collection of photos. I love that house! It reminds me of the area I live in with older homes, many with their own unique details.

  2. nice pictures.. thanks for sharing.
    it is wonderful watching the kids understanding more and more with every passing year.

  3. I love the haunted house, garden and peeks at your holiday. Beautiful shots.

  4. enjoyed your photos!
    Happy Remembrance Day! ( I like that term--Remembrance.)


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