Sunday, November 20, 2016

We Built This City

Ok, so the other night I woke up and had to jot down an idea;  it had to do with this song, which I couldn't get out of my head.

What if we built a city?  On rock and roll?

Lemme take you WAAAAAY back:

Stay with me!

Step one involved a review of painting with watercolours, the ole wet on wet technique.  We were going for a standard landscape - varying shades of sky blending gently into green land.

After that dried overnight, we added some neutral tissue paper bits for interest and texture.

...painted an opaque grey and green watercolour wash on
some regular copy paper printed with - you guessed it -
rock and roll!

Once dried, the musical paper was turned into a city and some greenery surrounding.  Some young artists turned their spare green paper into leaves that popped off the page.  A+ !

As a final touch, we coated our finished works with a gloss acrylic medium.
Super stylie!

Once we'd finished and had tidied the studio space, we did our usual show and tell.  

I couldn't resist but show the kids the kitty version of this FAVE!

Life's too short not to have some fun while learning classic art techniques.

I hope you are all enjoying your individual processes and acting on your inspirations as well!


  1. I really like that song and the kitty one is too funny! Love the high rises made with musical paper :)

    1. The kitty version gets me in hysterics every time. Thanks for popping by, Duni!

  2. that is wonderful.. it looks so fun!

    1. SO much fun, Hena. I get PAID to do this stuff...I pinch myself daily!

  3. The song brings back memories. I love the project! So fun!

    1. Ya it's a catchy tune. Had forgotten about it for a while, then it came back with big inspiration!

  4. That is so cute and creative. Your posts always hit me right in the heart, all the memories of my favorite class, art class. :) I can't wait to host crafting and art classes here, I'll have to look at your archive for ideas. :D


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