Sunday, January 22, 2017


Some photo journalling for y'alls...

(clockwise, from top left)

- We are trying to get more fresh fruit and veggies into the kids ...this selection from their afterschool snack.

- Pantone colour of the year, as represented by this little tuft of forest moss.

- Mr. Hausfrau and I made our first batch of blini for a date night recently...they were SO good!

- Spanish Banks in Vancouver - we walked here on New Years Day.

- Table decor from a Hawaiian themed dinner party we hosted.

- My mom with Oliver and Charlotte - love this shot.

- These guys got bashed up and rubbed onto a goose we roasted.  Turned out great too!

Hoping your January is filled with lovely moments too!


  1. Beautiful skyscape and cute family pic :)

  2. Your blinis look delicious, are they with salmon?

  3. Really pretty, looks like your year is off to a good start


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