Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greener Grass

Seriously.  This is a random picture out of a random train on a random day in Switzerland:

If you haven't been, you must.  Ignore the sticker shock and ABSORB the loveliness at every turn.

I've pulled up some vacation pictures to peruse today, the first snowy day here at Simon Fraser University ...just for some contrast, I suppose.  While riding the trains in Switzerland, I often tote along crochet projects or a novel...the alpine air never ceases to inspire.  But although we live on a mountain, this aint no alp!  I'm seriously grasping for small, lap projects to occupy me as I wait for the baby to be born (still AGES January).  Of course there's lots to be done that could be viewed as PRACTICAL or even ESSENTIAL, but I prefer to be tasked with something new, exciting and creative.  Hm.  A list might be in order here.

Ok. Baby's room.  It needs to come together.  I want those bird decals on the wall and the walls white.   Some freezer dinners (or even sauces...I'd be happy with homemade sauces so mister just needs to boil some noodles and add!) for when our fingers are hovering over the pizza delivery speedail button in January/ February.  Let's face it, March & April too (I've already done this once, remember).  Christmas cards...I've got an idea for making them which involves a visit to a printer.  CAN I DO IT?!

I don't think I have more time when I'm on holidays as I'm a busy traveller...just I'm in a different zone, quite literally.  Maybe looking at more "frolicking in the alps" photos will help get me moving.  Here's hoping...

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