Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snail Tale

So is it just me or is this the most PRECIOUS kid snack ever?  I actually made an attempt at making the "snailshells" based on the recipe on the Schweizer Familie site but am so completely challenged at converting the measurements (ie: they DIDN'T turn out)...if anyone out there has a good online converter or whatever, lemme know, eh?

I DO intend on making these for Oliver.  He would completely melt all over them (after he finished playing with them...and I suppose the point is to have the kids eat them, right?).

With the holidays upon us, I'm hoping to balance out candy cane and lebkuchen eating with uber healthy snacks and meals, especially for Oliver, but will do all of us good.  Some ideas I'm mulling on:

  • red and green peppers 'n dip
  • mandarin orange slices with yogurt dip
  • roasted chesnuts
  • dried fruit and nut mix
  • tomato snowmen (stack 'em peope, stack 'em!)
I sometimes get into such a snack rut that I forget to let the seasons guide changing things up a bit.  After all, I change dinner menus based on what's in season.  Why not the snack table?

The snails are still the cutest...I think :)

Wonder how the new fresh sheet all goes over with the little man...

And on the "to do" list status update:  I got the paint for the baby's's in the apartment.  Next step: hire a friend to paint the darned room!  Big ole pregnant me is NOT up for the job...

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