Thursday, February 10, 2011

Special Friends

We're so lucky to be in week five with our new baby Charlotte...she's such a sweet bean.  It's not easy with two under four, but I wasn't expecting it to be!

We've also been surrounded by loving friends and relatives, wanting to meet the awaited little Charlotte.  Their visits are the gift, most definitely, but here is one of my favorites, a book from a friend in Switzerland:

It's about an independent little sheep named Charlotte who goes against the grain, defying the old fuddy duddy naysayers, and eventually saves the day using her independence and wiles.  Hoping our Charlotte follows suit :)

Along with this, our friend included a small, handstitched sheep toy.  Such a thoughtful and fun gift!  It reminded me of a book I loved when I was a child called "Melissa Mouse"...named after me, or so I thought!

I think I'll keep this in mind for a sweet baby gift for friends, searching Amazon or Chapters for a book that uses the new baby's name as a character &  including a matching stuffie pattern that I could execute with two underfoot.  Should be easy to search for one online?

Oh and the daffodils, making this week that much brighter:

Coming soon: Oliver and my joint Valentine's art project!

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