Monday, February 14, 2011

Tough Love

St. Valentine's day inspired a fun art project here! 

Step 1:

Oliver went to the forest to "pick rocks" (as though they were mushrooms or flowers or something...)

Step 2:

Oliver messily/ happily painted said rocks while I nursed the baby (oops, wasn't able to clean up the mess as it was happening...) :

Step 3:

I wrote valentine's messages on the painted rocks, and ollie glitter glued on them, to make them EXTRA special:

A closeup of a completed work - this one is ready to sit prettily in an indoor flower pot at Nana's house to remind her of Ollie's love year 'round :

Today, we delivered the various valentines around to the friends in the neighborhood, much to Oliver's delight.  He begged every day from completion to V-day to deliver them. 

Note to self: set completion date of gifts requiring personal delivery MUCH closer to delivery day...

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