Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studs, Stems & Spinsters

I'm trying to become more well-rounded in my knowledge of non-kid stuff in my time at home with my kids.  I'm learning new things and challenging myself to have good conversation topics at the end of the day - to know more than just O does NOT like his perogies touching his peas and C's naps are getting more regular.

What I'm learning this week:

Studs:  Kilian Wenger is Schwingerkönig

Photo: Schweizer Familie
Stems:  Tulips bloom in May in my neighborhood...two month after tulips everywhere else in the world, it seems.

Spinsters:  There ARE engaging shows on tv...just not shown here in Canada.  Thank you library!

Downton Abbey

This grab-bag of "info" is oddly making me happy.

Am working on becoming more well-rounded with chosing wines.  More on that fun soon...

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