Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Birthday Photo Book

Instead of traditional cards for our childrens' birthdays, we've been putting together a wee photo book (it's no bigger than 5" x 7") - a year in review, really,  to accompany their gift (so far, just Oliver's). 

I'm one for consolidating my effort:  this mini-album (which I did online here) serves as card AND momento that Oliver can take with him when he leaves home.

Here's the latest:

I enjoy taking photos throughout the year, in a variety of settings and in all seasons.  Including a photo of what makes Oliver especially grumpy that particular year is a must of course (this year it was getting his hair cut). 

We've got a good collection to choose from for Charlotte's first mini-album...can't wait to start working on that one too!


  1. And what a great year it was! Very cute idea, will steal it I think :)

  2. I love making photo books! We make a Christmas one every year.


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