Monday, November 14, 2011

The Votive-Cozy

Rainy day activity brainstorm: let's make a votive-cozy!


small pot of water/ white glue paste (ratio 1:1)
random strips of fabric scraps
one small tupperware container (one you would use to put dip in for a lunch bag)
glass votive candle holder


Dip strips of fabric in the water/glue paste.  Drape over the inverted plastic container.   Dip lenths of string in just glue and wrap around the almost-dry project (leaving it on the container while you do this).  Let dry overnight.  Peel the dried votive cozy off the container.  Pop tealight into glass votive holder and place glass into your new, hand-crafted cozy!

Four-year-old Oliver loved the goopy aspect of this project.

A lovely centerpiece made by our boy!


  1. Hello fellow hausfrau! I CANNOT WAIT! til Baby K can do proper crafts, I try so hard with her but at 18 months its quite a challenge. She loves a glue stick though! Cheers for stopping my my blog -


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