Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mountain Man

This week I learned something new about Mr. Hausfrau:  he wants to smell like a mountain.  Literally.

We have this very shower gel in our shower as I type.  And his cologne?  Just realized it's called "Nomad".  It seems I'm married to a wannabe mountain climbing nomad??  Marketing is fascinating ! Do your misters have strange names on their personal cleaning products too, or is this just chez moi?


Anyway... I'm a few steps closer to my dream garden with these newly purchased little packets:

My obsession since visiting here

Y'all see the "guaranteed to grow" along the bottom,
right?  Will keep you posted...

If anyone has tips on growing either of these from seed, I'd love to hear your two cents!


  1. My man doesn't wear colognes because of my darn nose being too sensitive.
    Your garden is going to be lovely for all the birds and butterflies!
    I love Morning Glories. This is probably on the seeds' packet - soak them overnight before planting. They are also invasive, but I loved having them spread out all over our fence.

  2. I love morning glories. Blue ones are the loveliest in my opinion. I usually try to grow them, but have limited sun, so my results are mixed from year to year.

  3. I am thinking about growing morning glories, too. Well, today I found some seeds of Sempervivum I put on soil. I am curious if they will grow. I wish you a great weekend!


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