Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Booklets

Every year for Easter, I make little zines for Oliver and Charlotte to discover among their stash of goodies.  This tradition was started by my mom, who made my brother, sister and I each one every year. 

These are Oliver's booklets from the last two years.

The booklets include vintage pictures...

...we add little captions to make the book personal...

...sometimes they double as "learn your numbers"

....they're always funny...

...and super fun to put together!

This year, I'm trying to come up with a prototype.  I think I have it down to white, square cardstock, bright cotton yarn binding, and including pages featuring Pysanka egg designs (scored a pysanka egg decorating kit at my local variety store!)

I've loved reading about how others craft special items for easter baskets in the blogosphere.  One of my favorites is here.


  1. How beautiful Melissa, and even more because you're continuing your Mom's tradition!

  2. Lovely to have such beautiful traditions.

    Pysanka is a lot of fun, we do it each week on monday during this time. Yesterday I gave away four eggs and the people really enjoyed getting eggs with Pysanka. This year I am mostly in Christian motives and writing - last year everything was about birds and owls.

  3. WOW that's a lovely tradition. As someone who doesn't sew I am very impressed. TFS!

  4. I love love love this idea!!! I may have to try it for my niece. I love your style. Thank you for sharing.


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