Monday, April 2, 2012

Contrast Capers

This week, contrast seems to be the theme on the art desk.

Perhaps this is because this week, I was reminded (and many apostles, I'm sure) by how remote and foreign my real life is from the zou bisou bisou soiree lifestyle of the chic set out in the world.  Not saying I'm bummed...just...such a contrast, oui?

I actually prefer the real life: still perfecting a homemade margherita pizza, playing along with my 4.5 year old's list of what firefighters definitely eat everyday (broccoli, mangoes and buttery rice, in case you're wondering), waiting around for Mr. Hausfrau to bring home flowers without being reminded...

...because sometimes those unexpected tulips DO show up! 

The zou bisou is only destined for a dramatic future episode.

Happy April!


  1. I really like the white on black. It looks cool!

  2. Love your post! And funny because I just watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and thought what a world away. Contrasts keep life interesting, no? :- )


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