Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Collection

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to become owners of some family heirlooms.  The crystal pieces we've got in our little collection now have come from Nans and Grandmas...their own special dishes that they have given to us.

Because I tend to set an eclectic, colourful table, a more classic plate is required, I think.  I reach for our crystal serving dishes often to add a sparkle - a subtle, yet rich layer - to the table that is set.

We serve any number of lovely things on these dishes:  bruschetta, salmon-asparagus bundles, even a casual summer meal, as photographed here.  This is a simple meal Swiss famlies eat often based around 'gschwellti', or new boiled potatoes.  Alongside the tiny taters, I usually serve a variety of cheese, crudites, creamy dip, ham or tuna, pickled vegetables, hard boiled can improvise with whatever is seasonal or what you have on hand!

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