Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer on the Coast

We are spoiled folks, living in the Pacific Northwest.

We have many little nearby coastal towns to visit!  There are buckets to be filled with beach glass, ice-cream menus to peruse...hours to be whittled away, exploring a seaside town...

Steveston, BC

The village bakery; the baker taking a minute to visit with
 a furry customer


Hoping everyone is enjoying summer sights and specialties in your own hometowns or on vacation!


  1. Thanks for showing the fantasic pictures!
    Your children are cute!

  2. I LOVE your tots on the beach!
    The seaside towns looks just so charming. LEts Hope for a really warm august!
    I do think Canada and Norway has a lot in common. Weather and a decent public health system being the most obvious. I am actually now knitting a Hudson bay inspired baby blanket for a little boy, so I am in a bit of a Canada mood.

  3. What a lovely village Melissa! It's great to see how much your little ones enjoy the outdoors and nature! Lucky you!


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