Monday, July 16, 2012

A Tree for Twins

Recently my very favorite friend had twin boys.

I wanted to jump for joy and celebrate in the way I knew how:  make them something nice! 

I asked her what my celebratory offering might be, and after considering for a while, she requested these:

She was collecting ornaments for her own special gift to her babies: a mural on their nursery wall:

I was happy to stitch these leaves for her...she knows the worth in hand-made items, not to mention - she's a gem of a  girl!

It was nice letting a friend choose her own diy gift...she's doing a bang-up job of keeping her new littles chubby and healthy, after all.  No time for doing the stiching she would normally do herself!

The babies are sure to blink their big eyes at this tree of love someday soon...perhaps they've already spied it and know for sure how loved they are!


  1. Beautiful! You're a wonderful friend.

  2. Beautiful gift for a beautiful friend and her babies. The tree of love is amazing!

  3. Fantasic present! I love this tree.

  4. What a great three! and beautiful leaves

  5. wow I'm so impressed, I've never look into embroidering felt! The final product is so creative! I currently make embroidered pictures on fabric but not felt work
    All the best,

  6. What a lovely way to show your love!
    Leaves of love on a tree for twins!
    Great idea...

  7. Aw, thanks everyone in the haus! Feedback melts my heart...


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