Thursday, July 31, 2014


If you had been peering over my shoulder this past week, you would have taken in these aspects.

Let me show you around!

Living Wall  on campus

At a cultural festival in Vancouver, some Hungarian dancers in a huddle.

A student-made poster I spotted in the halls of the local school.

My usual summer arrangement.  This year, in a different hue.

Charlotte (aged 3.5) in a moment of inspiration.


  1. Wow...the living wall is stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I would return the favor. =) Have a great day!
    (Pedoozle on EBT)

  2. Gorgeous everything! Love the photo of the colourful skirts and your flower arrangement is so cheerful!
    Lovely to see your daughter enjoying her watercolours :)

  3. Looks like you've been having some fun :) Love the living wall!

  4. Looks like it has been a great week for you. I love those bright dancer costumes. And the students' poster is just awesome!

  5. Lovely post, I love the floral prints on those skirts, and Charlotte's abstract masterpiece! I just found your blog via an Etsy team thread and I'm trying to connect with other Etsy bloggers through my new blog. I would love it if you checked it out!

    Thanks! Take care :)

  6. Those living wall is awesome. I really admire people who have green thumbs. I just stick with cactus lol
    And i love your summer arrangement photo & Charlotte's painting x

  7. It looks like it was a great week! That living wall is gorgeous and I'm sure the cultural festival was good!

  8. looks like a colorful time. love those shoes.

  9. Fun and colorful post. I love the living wall!

  10. Such fun memories being made, your pictures are lovely. I love visiting festivals, but I have to drag my husband to them!

  11. Wonderful colors. The living wall is really neat.


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