Friday, August 28, 2015


I dug an old Girl Guide camp snack 'recipe' out of the vault this summer!  I remember stringing these up as a young Guide in the '80' kids had so much fun making (and eating) them!  We brought them along as a surprise for friends we met for picnics and as roadtrip treats too.

First:  Gather a few different string-able snacks.  I chose cereal, pretzels, and gummy lifesavers.

I helped the kids get started by tying one piece of cereal to the very end of the string and then creating a pointy tip on the other end by wrapping some tape as a "needle".

I didn't let them go crazy on the candy, of course (five per necklace only), and had them count out the grain snacks in fives, which turned out to be a handy math lesson for four-year-old Charlotte!

(Only after they were done did I realize that the snacklaces were counted and structured exactly like decades on a Rosary.  *Sigh*   Catholic habits...)


  1. omg ! i love these! gotta try it with my kids =)

    1. They are super fun to make...both an activity and a snack :)

  2. That is such a great idea, Melissa! Your daughter is a sweet girl :)


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