Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Summary

As every summer, I'm less in the studio, more living life with the littles who are home from school.

Galiano Island, BC - Summer 2015

Here's a sampling of my summer, so far:


 - Armistice

- Charlotte Cardin

- Egyptian


 - nectarine + tomato salad

 - grilled herby shrimp

 - the 'insanity' burger


 - The Wilder Life


 - Amy

 - The Paradise

 - The Killing


 - Galiano Island

 - The Fort Winery

 - lake canoeing

What's on your list?  What's appearing on/in your dinner table/ headphones/ nightstand this summer?


  1. It's back to school for most kids over here! It's been raining a lot this summer. Nothing unusual.
    That winery looks like a great place to visit. And yummy nectarine/tomato salad :)

    1. Duni: I am envious of your rain. It is my favorite type of weather. Soon enough, Vancouver will be shrouded in rain clouds again, and all will be well ;) The tomato nectarine salad is delish! Feta and a variety of heirloom varieties with a sprinkling of herbs - can't think of anything nicer...

  2. Mmmmm! The insanity burgers look delicious! I've been busy with local clients, which is awesome, and we're still trying to forge ahead with projects at our own house. (I'm a lot slower now, I think because I'm using up all of my decision-making energy on clients, hahaha.)

    1. Yes, I've seen lots of your client work recently...fabulous, Paige! Must be one of those "cobblers children's shoes" things, once you have clients like you do!

  3. Looks like you've had a great summer so far. I haven't seen The Paradise yet, but I love most BBC period dramas so I should check it out! :)

    1. Oh Mary: if you like BBC period dramas, The Paradise is a must! I would categorize it more with 'Lark Rise to Candleford'' than with 'Downton Abbey' or 'Call The Midwife' or 'Breathless', though all of the aforementioned are highly recommended, if you haven't seen them yet!

  4. Tonight was garden tomato salad with garlic and fresh oregano red wine vinaigrette with spinach..a recipe from Jamie Oliver (online) I think? Very yummy. Kids are back in school here already and I am back to home alone (with our 2 pooches). I am getting things done!

  5. Ooooh I think I have seen the very JO recipe you speak of. Definitely trying that next. You are living the life I hope to be living in another month! Getting things done seems VERY far away, still...

  6. I certainly think you're making the right choices about where to spend your time! Summer is short!

  7. Those shrimp look like something I would want to eat! And the Amy documentary is on my list, and I need to check out your tunes, I am at work now, but I will give them a listen once I'm back home. You and I seem the have a similar taste in music, so I am sure there must be something I like on your list. Happy to hear you are enjoying summer. Just like Duni, we're having lots of rain. This weekend we had more rain in two days, then usually in the whole month of august.


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