Sunday, October 11, 2015

Collage Lesson: Pizza Time

After my recent field trip to Portland, OR, I knew that I wanted to be making more "food art" with my students this year.

Sometimes art is edible; food on the table that really looks too beautiful to eat (we eat it anyway!).  In the studio though, I wanted the kids to fashion our collage materials into "ingredients".  To re imagine the materials on hand.

To start the lesson, I read Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.  What a funny story!

Once we'd gotten excited about our favorite toppings and that we were about to become chefs (artists) in our own little kitchens (studio), the children started making their own version of the perfect pizza.

I got everyone starting by handing out pre-cut corrugated cardboard rounds.

Sauce, cheese, ham and olives...

Green peppers, anchovies, red onions, mushrooms...

I handcrafted each student one pepperoni slice (lovely wool burgundy felt dotted with creamy white acrylic paint) and one skinny, sparkly anchovy to adorn their pies.

The red onions were printed on as a last topping: paint custom mixed for just the right shade, a plastic cup as the stamp.

We talked a little bit about topping alternatives too:  "what about a pickle and peanut butter pie?" asked one girl.  "Mmmmm...I would love an apple - cheddar pizza" suggested another bright-eyed, sauce-adverse tot.   Anything goes!  One class, where parent participation was encouraged, I passed around a cookbook that included all sorts of combination ideas including truffles, kimchi, and chocolate.  This collage idea could very easily be turned into a project for adults too.  Add a bottle of wine and some snacks; it's an art party!

All in all, a project that sent everyone home hungry for the real thing!  


  1. Melissa, you always come up with the most fun art projects!
    The apple and cheddar sounds good... :)

  2. What a cute project, I love that little anchovy :-)
    And now I want a slice of pizza!

  3. I really enjoy making art out of food and I love this idea of making food out of art. The kids would've found this so much fun and their combo suggestions are priceless :p

  4. Those are adorable pizzas! fun to make, I bet. Thanks for visiting my blog today!!!

  5. What a fun project! I love your idea of an adult party with wine. And chocolate toppings :)

  6. What a great idea! I love how they turned out. I want to make one!


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