Monday, October 19, 2015

Trend + City Art

I get regular requests to post my project design ideas sooooo: here's another one!

The girls over at Port and Quarter in Vancouver actually inspired this concept.  The 'hometown homage' has long been on my list of potential art themes and this week I introduced it in both my kid and the adult classes.

With the children, we focused on our own lakeside town, Burnaby, BC (otherwise know as BBY).  I found a comprehensive map of the city, printed off a copy for each artist (in black and white) to use as our collage base.  Then some quick practice at drawing letters, et voila!

Here is the map we used:

After the children cut the map up and arranged the bits on the black cardstock, they smeared some custom blended periwinkle acrylic paint here and there, using plastic forks for some added texture.  They drew the 'BBY' letters onto a pretty contrasting mint coloured cardstock and outlined them in black sharpie.  After they had been cut out and glued onto the page, they used some yellow and orange washi tape (sourced at none other than IKEA!) to add pops of colour.  A coat of clear high-gloss finishing medium was the very last step.

We had many different arrangements from the students.  I think the finished products turned out really well!

Do you have any home decor that pays homage to your city, or a place that you love?


  1. I love designs in homes that pays homage to the hometown. It adds a nice personal touch.
    I don't have any in my home at the moment. I will one day!

  2. Love this project idea!
    I do have a few specific pieces that represent places I love or want to visit. I'm more prone to paint landscapes or fauna, but if I found the right map! :D

  3. What a fun project! I love incorporating maps into artwork :)

  4. Such a good idea! I love the finished collages. I don't actually have any hometown artwork, other than postcards. I have almost bought map art from other cities I've lived in and loved, but haven't found the perfect piece yet. One of these days I should try creating my own! :)

  5. I love how that turned out! I have a big collection of art by local artists. One fav is a funky Creature of the Black Lagoon themed one from a favorite theatre and another is a Fuelman retro robot gas station sign my brother gave me.


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